Tuesday, 19 April 2011

IF you take dylan moran to represent millions of teenage girls

Generalisations about mass popular culture are easy to make.  Its consumers aren't really thinking for themselves; they are mindlessly endorsing the culture industry; this industry has no interest in the actual artistic value of its products; etc. etc.  But recently, all of these assumptions have apparently been called into question, as millions of teenage girls have decided to stick their necks out and say 'No, Lady Gaga, actually I don't think it's cool that your new album cover is a picture of your head and arms superimposed onto a motorcycle.'  Perhaps the negative reaction has been exaggerated in the press a bit, but it still seems to have happened to some extent.  And perhaps this is great: maybe Lady Gaga's fans aren't as unthinking as might be assumed; maybe they have been making careful aesthetic judgements about her all along, and only now feel the need to object to anything.


I'm just really not convinced that it makes any sense at all to begin to object to Lady Gaga's incredibly bizarre behaviour now - not at the point when she stoked rumours about being a hermaphrodite to gain publicity, not after that ridiculous crap telephone thing, not when she wore all that meat, but now, when she has made a photoshopped image of her head and arms on a motorcycle.  As far as I can see, this is actually one of the least shocking or offensive things she has ever done.  If you were ever going to start objecting to Lady Gaga, even if you were one of millions of teenage girls, it should surely have been a long time ago.

If you take Dylan Moran to represent millions of teenage girls, and Bill Bailey to play Lady Gaga, I think this clip sums up the situation pretty well.

Also: I've been doing weird shit with photos for years and have barely offended any teenage girls along the way SO THERE.

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