Saturday, 2 April 2011

Japanese Hamlet Rock Opera

Perhaps it is a shortcoming of my own imaginative powers, but I simply cannot comprehend how anybody could watch this and then make this comment:

I love rock opera's, I love Hamlet. I don't mind JROCK, but I'm not sure about this.
However, I LOVE HIS ACTING!!! of course I don't understand him, but I can see his inner struggle and the pain he is going through on a choice he has to make!!!
krazykittymatt 1 year ago

The extent to which krazykittymatt’s opinions and my own are completely uncorrelated is remarkable. Perhaps a table will help.

krazykittymatt’s ranking
My ranking
1. Hakuei’s acting
1. Hamlet
=2. rock operas
2. rock operas
=2. Hamlet
3. J-rock
4. J-rock
=4. this song/performance as a whole
5. this [song/performance as a whole(?)]
=4. Hakuei’s acting

Crazy. How the anguished young Hakuei’s acting ability could be “LOVED”, when Hamlet is only “loved”, I really don’t know. I also fail to see how it is possible to consider the guy’s performance to be noticeably better than the song he is singing (assuming that this is what krazykittymatt’s ambiguous “this” refers to). Surely, both are terrible.

And how rock operas and Hamlet can both be simply “loved” also eludes me totally. Is krazykittymatt implying that he considers these two things of similar quality, or indeed similar in any way? Is that a legitimate opinion? Why do I feel entitled to say that it isn’t a legitimate opinion? Why do I feel that this matters? Is it over-egging it to say that the whole problem of criticism is summed up in the sentence “I love rock opera’s, I love Hamlet”?

Yes. Sometimes the answer is just yes. I’m still confused though.

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