Friday, 15 April 2011

space face

Personally I wasn't particularly surprised to find a photo gallery entitled "Everyday objects that look like celebrities or religious figures" on the Telegraph website. It's pretty much what I expect from them. Also, at least it's not trying to be clever or anything.

So perhaps it's a bit mean-spirited to point out that a cat that looks like a fictional character is neither an everyday OBJECT nor looks like a celebrity or religious figure. It is clear enough what they mean, I suppose. And the story is, after all, HEARTWARMING.

BUT this one raises a serious question which I feel has to be asked:

Where the fuck do the Telegraph writers live?


  1. I like your face.

    Paul - you have been much more active on pleasure notes lately - why is this?

    Stop reading the telegraph, it evidently makes you angry

  2. ... i mean, Nat Simey?

    sorry, almost blew your cover then...